To take the next steps in Collective, we need your help. We are praying and believing for financial support to allow us to provide a foundation as we establish Collective, allowing us time to grow and become sustainable.

Thank You

Kenny & Victoria, who lead the team at Collective Church.



To establish more micro-church communities, we need to invest time and resources in equipping leaders who can serve in their neighbourhoods, gathering people to make a difference and making disciples.

Release Kenny and Vicky

We would love to release Kenny and Vicky to serve our communities more fully than they are able to right now. More resources will allow us to release time for them to spend connecting, gathering, envisioning and equipping others.

Expand Origin Community Space

Origin supports many in our community through providing fresh fruit and vegetables, by providing a space for wellbeing and caring for our mental health, by providing a neutral safe space for everyone to find community and friendship. The need is huge, and your support will allow us to increase the food we produce, to increase the support available for mental health support, and much more.

Can you stand with us?

We are excited about what God can do as we see more and more disciples released to love their local neighbourhoods, gathering in beautiful communities marked by love, healing, welcome and hospitality.

Doing all this takes resources. Our greatest chalenge is finances. As we press forward, we invite you personally, or maybe your church community, near or far away, to join us on this journey, to help us raise resources to see Collective well established, and then become sustainable as it grows and matures.

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