We are passionate about involving as many people in our gathering liturgies as possible.

Each month as we gather we fill these roles in the liturgy with those willing to participate and serve the gathered church by reading scripture, leading the church in prayer, sharing the story, setting the eucharist table, leading the church in music and song, and so much more.

Below you will find the list of roles, and a brief explanation of each to help you as you volunteer.


The band lead Collective in music and song as we gather. Usually you setup and practice from 9.30-10.30am. Vicky leads the band, and will communicate chords, lyrics, etc to you throughout the month, so you are prepared for your role.


Yep, it's as simple as it sounds. But, so important. Whether a regular or someone popping in to see what Collective is about, we want each and every person to feel welcomed into this community.

So your role is to greet everyone, to introduce them to others, to get them a coffee and show them to some free seats.


The table of communion is central to our gathering at Collective. Throughout the year it's the focus of what we do, as it's a declaration of allegiance to Jesus. We ask someone to prepare the bread, the goblets of wine, and candles for each gathering. This should be done as the band are practicing, so 9.30-10am. 


During the first song, the band give opportunity for you to come forward to share a welcome, and call to worship prayer. This is a space to focus us, to remind us all of who we are there to worship, and to encourage us to sing the words to the songs with great joy and thankfulness because of all God has done for us. You simply come forward, and read - the prayer will be printed and on the table for you to read.


Before the story time, we read one of the scriptures from the Collective Reading notes for this week. The scripture will be chosen and sent to you before the gathering - usually on the Thurs/Friday - but will also be printed on the table when you approach the mic. No need to use your phone. You'll be invited forward to read by whoever is hosting the gathering.


A space for the re-telling of the Collective Reading notes for this week. Obviously, you won't be able to cover them all in 10-15 mins, so we encourage you to pick a section of the notes which you feel others would benefit from hearing, tell that story yourself, explain what it means to you, and leave us with a challenge from the engage section of the notes which helps us apply the story to our lives this coming week.

You don't need to spend much time preparing this. The Collective Notes include all the research and background you need, it has been painstakingly prepared for our community, it's been written and edited to be accurate and to provide challenge and encouragement.

The reason for the re-telling of the story is to have it spoken, to hear it come alive, for us to catch the heart or to hear it become personal to someone else, so it can stir us to action also.

Kenny (Collective team leader) will be in touch on the Thurs/Fri of the week you are telling the story to check how you are doing and provide guidance and help if needed.


There are usually a couple of prayers in our liturgy. These can be prayers of confession, prayers of the people, pastoral prayers, and many more.

We choose to pre-prepare our prayers as we believe the clarity and creativity which comes through as we listen and join with the speaker of the prayer is beautiful.

If on this role, simply come to the mic when you are on the liturgy, and the prayer will be in front of you on the table. If you are doing a 'Prayer of the People', then you'll have your own prayer prepared. Prayers of the People are opportunities for us the people to pray prayers to God, as we respond to events around us, needs in our collective family, longings for our world, etc. Usually these are based around the church calendar. We are all joining with you as you pray, so an opportunity for us to voice our agreement is included. To do this, when you speak the words 'Lord have mercy.' throughout your prayer, all those gathered respond and say 'Lord hear our prayer'.


As our gathering begins to wind down and people begin to head home, we want to ensure we honour the team at Origin who allow us to use their venue, and leave the space clean and tidy. If we were hiring anywhere else, we would have setup and takedown (which was usually 1.5hrs on either side of the gathering), with hoovering, mopping, cleaning tables, stacking chairs, and washing dishes, etc to be done, and at Origin, that's no exception. Although all the gear needed is in place which saves us hours of work, we still want to leave Origin ready for their next event by giving 30mins to do some cleaning.

There will be 3 people named on the tidy up - and we hope many people will simply sign up for this on the planning centre app. Please don't ignore the community and fellowship as we enjoy coffee/tea/buns - there's no need to rush to do dishes, etc. A good tidy up, clean, and hoover, should take about 20 minutes. Our liturgy finishes around 12.15. Grab a coffee and relax with friends for a while, encouraging others and discussing all we've learned together. Some time around 12.40, you should be able to start looking around for things to tidy up/clean. All done and away for 1pm.