Smaller gatherings. Various locations. 24/7.

Throughout the month, gathering with friends to enjoy hobbies, relaxing time, meditation, discipleship, and so much more - the groups at Collective allow us to live for Jesus, sharing His story as we go about our life, creating spaces for others to connect with the story of Christ, continue our discipleship journey, and enjoy joining God in the renewal of all things.

Collective Groups serve to stimulate the social and relational fabric of Collective. From meditation, dinner groups, discussion and book groups, we come as we are and share the authentic self with one another.


Each group has a different rhythm - some gather weekly, twice a month, and some monthly - to find out more, sign up.


Our groups gather in different spaces across the north coast - Coleraine, Ballymoney, Portrush, Portstewart and more.


Friends working together on a 2.5 acre site in Ballymoney where they grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, keep animals, and learn about sustainability together.



Collective Cares meets once per month. A space to support each other through difficult times. Collectively, we care for one another.


Women and Wine gets together once a month to enjoy each other's company - in homes, or going out for a walk or a meal - always with a glass of wine.


Collective Kids gather each month to enjoy space for fun, discipleship, trips, and encouragement as they learn to follow Jesus as they live their lives.


The book group is a space for those who enjoy reading. Accessible for everyone - with regular Skype catch ups and coffee meet ups for discussions. 

Collective Well-Being

Once per month. Times of collective rest and meditation. E.g. time to refocus, rest and meditate on top of a mountain, or sitting on a beach while taking in the beauty of nature and reading.


Join a Collective Group

To get connected in with a Collective Group, simply click the button, fill in your details, and someone will be in touch with details.