How We Gather




For many Christians in our culture, a church gathering looks like 5 songs, announcements, and someone preaches for 30 minutes 51 weeks a year.

Well, at Collective you aren’t going to find the next cool church with a big stage, a celebrity preacher or big budget ministries.

Collective has a rhythm of UP (Communion), IN (Community) and OUT (Co-Mission).

UP (Communion)

We want to be a worshipping community of disciples, who enjoy gathering to celebrate and remember through song, eucharist, poetry, gospel story and conversation, as well as being a community which scatters into a life of communion and worship with God.

Our gatherings are marked by liturgy – filled with song, music, poetry, scripture, story, conversation, eucharist and so much more.

We valueevery voice – with our gatherings always filled with many voices.

IN (Community)

We emphasise life together, tabling together, supporting one another as well as all the other aspects of life. We gather to enjoy community in different spaces and places of life, and we invite others into these spaces to experience love, acceptance, welcome and hospitality.

OUT (Co-Mission)

We love to gather but we also love to scatter, as it’s in these spaces where we get to enjoy joining God in the renewal of our neighbourhoods.

Many in our community join local groups where they can serve, support and love their neighbourhood. Some in our community have started organisations to make a difference in their local area – one such initiative is Origin Community Space – started by a few people who are part of Collective (but not a Collective project or in any way a ‘Christian organisation’). It’s about bringing people together to break social isolation, to help with mental health, to provide food for those who need it, to give a safe space for all backgrounds, religions, beliefs, etc to enjoy and dwell in community – Origin is a wonderful example of what happens when we release disciples fo create beautiful things.

Our Rhythm


We gather at the Origin Community Farm once a month – dates on the Collective app.

Our gatherings are multi-voiced, with many contributing to the liturgy. A typical gathering begins with treats, coffee and tea while connecting with others around tables, followed by music & singing, poetry/prayer/readings, a homily with space after to get into conversation about what we’ve just learned, and we finish each of our gatherings in song and sharing the Eucharist together.

Everyone is welcome. So, come as you are and join us at our next community gathering


These small rooting communities of disciples are centred around relationships (discipleship). Gathering throughout the month in various spaces in their local neighbourhoods.

When church is understood outside of the confines of a Sunday centric model, disciples can be released to discover/learn, to nurture/support one another, to act/scatter to love and join God in the renewal of the neighbourhoods, right where we live.

D.N.A. communities are sacred spaces of community and growth.


Collective has detached ‘teaching’ from the Sunday, leader centric model, and our aim is to encourage each disciple into a lifestyle of learning.

We do this through learning spaces, which encourage reading together, engaging in deep conversation, examining scripture and enjoying the process of unpacking new revelations about God.

Learning in Collective also involves teaching in various forms from gifted members of our community via our app throughout the month, encouraging our community wherever we are.

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