Collective Leadership.

'Our leadership structure is a mutual team where each member has equal voice at the table. Together, we discern God's spirit and converse around the direction of Collective and seek to submit to one another.'

The statement above is what we aspire to build as our leadership at Collective - a mutual team, gathered to the table of Christ, equal voices, and submitting to one-another as we lead.

It's an exciting vision. It's radically different from the hierarchical systems we often see around us in church culture and the wider systems of power in our world. To example this type of leadership, is to example the way Jesus led, and outworking the great commission he sent us out to engage in.

Up until now we've been served by different people as needed - and we've been served wonderfully by every one of them. Thank you!

Going forward, we're inviting everyone to consider joining this team.

We want a leadership table filled with different gifts. Apostles. Prophets. Shepherds. Teachers. Evangelists. With different personalities. With different perspectives. With a passion for Jesus and his church.

The first gathering of this new team is the end of August. Before this, we'll be inviting anyone interested in being part of this team to gather for a couple of meals with Vicky and myself at our house, where we'll discuss leadership, how the team will work, and how we see things developing.

Coming along to these meals is an opportunity to ask questions, to learn about authentic leadership. Don't worry, you aren't automatically signed up, and not everyone who comes will be able to be on the team anyway. But we want as many of you to break free from the past wrong perceptions of leadership, and to at least consider serving the church in this way.

We want some of you to leave behind hurt caused by bad leadership in the past and to consider being a part of modelling a different way of leading where the church can display and teach good leadership. We want to destroy the inherited and assumed beliefs that leaders are only 'male', that they need to be 'extroverted' or 'loud', that they need to have it all together, that they need to be 'older'/'elderly', or able to 'preach a cool message up on the stage'... etc!!

The truth about leadership is exciting, liberating, it's vital to the health of the church, and it's something I believe more of us need to recognise God's calling to serve in. We'll get stuck into lots of this as we eat together... come and hear what leadership could look like at Collective.

So, the invite goes out to all who are part of Collective, and who have been part of this years Collective Learning evenings.

We haven't picked the dates for the meals yet, so for now, please register your interest and we'll be in touch soon...

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