Read at our Collective Worship gathering on Easter Sunday as part of the Prayers of the People from our liturgy.

Lord Jesus, reading our Collective notes and walking beside the first disciples this week has been an emotional rollercoaster. It's not hard to see parallels with today's world. From the thrilling hope of a long-awaited triumph over violence and evil, like the disciples approaching Jerusalem; to the confusion and fear of today's politics, like the disciples watching Your trial. We recognise our personal screams of denial as we fail the marginalised, and hear our own metaphorical cocks crow.

We navigate life, stunned and bewildered, through long hours of fear and doubt, struggling to comprehend, unwilling to believe the things we see unfolding on our screens, barely able to keep faith alive. Just like Your followers 2000 years ago. The flickering light of hope so faint, another despairing breath might extinguish it completely, and allow darkness to consume us.

Then, Lord Jesus, today has dawned. Yes, today has dawned and the piercing light of the impossible breaks through the blackness - and tales our breath clean away. A new morning. A new day. A third way. So here, right now, in the brilliance of the Resurrection news, Jesus, teach us to see the limits and challenges of life in a new way: as God-appointed opportunities.

Inspire us today to reject the familiar urge to say“Well if I had more X, then I could do Y”. In the knowledge of Your all-redeeming, all-restoring, all-conquering love, revealed in all its beauty today, let us put our excuses aside. The shortfall of our pennies-and-pounds budget; the hurrying, scurrying, hours-minutes-and-tick-tock amount of time that we have…. Today You have shown us that none of these limitations can hold us back from the creative work of loving, loving and loving that You call us to do.

Standing quietly at the side of Your empty tomb, our hearts are made whole. We now know that our limitations can be gifts, if we let them be. We simply have to do what You created us to do: receive the gift of the present moment - with all of its challenges and all of its potential - and, with Your divine help, be creative and courageous in using it to love.

Lord, have mercy.

Welcome to the blog

It's great to get this blog up and going. It's a space for myself and others to begin to share more thoughts with our wider Collective community.

We are a community of people who value both the gathering and scatering, because we recognise that in following the call of Christ to go and make disciples, this can't be achieved through simply gathering with like minded friends... but it can't be achieved by simply scattering and living an individual and independent type of Christian faith either.

We need both the gathering and the scattering.

This is why we as the Collective church family focus so much on balance. We LOVE to gather, but we also LOVE to scatter as it's in recognising God working in ALL areas of life that we become disciples, and in getting caught up in His mission, our church comes alive.

So, this blog will be a space for our community to encourage each other, to cheer each other on, for training, equipping, for connecting us... it's to remind us again, and again, and again... that we need each other. We need to gather. We need to scatter. We can go deeper. We can be transformed. We can see heaven being established on earth.

That begins with us... Collective... let's live out this new heavenly reality, right now.