The church is not a building or event.
We gather as Collective to worship Jesus.
We scatter as Collective to worship Jesus.


24/7 we are a community of people enjoying living life together. We gather with friends to enjoy hobbies, relaxing time, meditation, discipleship, and so much more - we don't have 'groups' at Collective. We create space as a community which then allows us to live for Jesus, sharing His story as we go about our life, creating more and more spaces for others to connect with the story of Christ, continue our discipleship journey, and enjoy joining God in the renewal of all things.

Here's a few things our community enjoy as we live life together. From meals together, meditation trips, book groups, vegetable growing co-operatives...


Friends working together on a 2.5 acre site in Ballymoney where they grow vegetables, fruit, flowers, keep animals, and learn about sustainability together.



Women and Wine gets together once a month to enjoy each other's company - in homes, or going out for a walk or a meal - always with a glass of wine.


Friends creating space to read together and enjoy discussion and coffee as we get together!


Times of collective rest and meditation. E.g. time to refocus, rest and meditate on top of a mountain, or sitting on a beach while taking in the beauty of nature and reading.